My Salesforce Journey – Day 1

salesforce developerWhat makes our life more interesting and challenging is worth pursuing. I realized certifications are not going to get my dream job, after achieving a bunch of admin certifications in AWS and Salesforce. As the saying goes success is not a destination but a journey, so I decided to continue my learning journey to become an all-around expert in Salesforce technology. What lies in the future of the high-tech world is presently unknown but getting ready to make a big stride is something we all can do. Salesforce is the front runner in a cloud-based Software as a service provider in the world. SaaS is not anymore a new tech for customers. It is now a mainstream service offering provided by many companies. What will be new is how the future of data management and processing is going to be intelligently provisioned, managed with high scalability. So the ultimate goal for any SaaS-based company is to make sure they build layers of authentic management and provisioning tools for a better user experience.

To do all of this we need a  new generation of programmers who are good at envisioning Artificial intelligence needs and design architectures that connect with devices, end-users, and automated processes working in a unison.

Salesforce provides a wonderful platform ( developers to design and develop applications for various types of industries with a deep AI technology integration. I believe whatever we see now in SaaS is just the tip of the iceberg in the sense of what is needed to manage the data explosion that is happening right now. With the COVID Pandemic created situation, the whole world is living their lives in the digital world round the clock and each human interaction creates a data point to store somewhere.

I am preparing for Salesforce Platform Developer Certifications and I think it is going to take at least six weeks to be fully ready to get my first Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification.

The best way to get started in the Salesforce learning journey is to use the TRAILHEAD Learning Management system offered free by Salesforce. I haven’t seen any technology company in the present world providing such wonderful gamified learning support to its present and future professionals.


1. Trailhead link:
2. Exam Guide:
3. SFDC Developers Blog:

I will be posting my exam preparatory notes and other related commentary and parallel interesting learning topics going forward. I would like to make this blogging experience a career-enhancing effort and hopefully will give someone out there get motivated to get into a track of doing something innovative and become a better IT professional.

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